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It all starts with an idea…


PlusD2’s Innovation generates novel and valuable ideas or applies existing ideas in new ways. Our innovation applies CREATIVITY to solve problems or to develop new or improved products, processes or services. We use innovation to create solutions that have a distinctive value based on KNOWLEDGE and ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS. These actionable insights are DESIRABLE, FEASIBLE and VIABLE.


Human Centered Design is the basis of our research and the discovery of actionable insights. Our innovation process begins with the study of the PEOPLE/USERS in their specific environments, including at work, at home, and at play. We employ these ethnographic research techniques to find the NEEDS, INSIGHTS, and OPPORTUNITIES from users. Our research allows us to locate the HIDDEN INSIGHTS straight from user interactions. The key to this process is understanding that creative problem solvers must witness the users interactions in order to capture these insights. The majority of users do not understand the hidden insights/needs and therefore cannot relay this information.


Our experienced team employs many techniques to gain information on users, products, and brand. In addition to the ETHNOGRAPHIC RESEARCH, our team focuses on USER EXPERIENCE research to understand the full interaction with products from the initial purchase experience to the final product interaction.

Product Development….

Our experienced creative team takes all the knowledge and research data leading to this phase and begins the CONCEPTUALIZATION of the ideas. Using creative PROBLEM SOLVING our team generates concepts via sketch concepts and 3D development. A complete understanding of the problem is crucial to iterate ideas. The development process is not linear, and the development constantly evolves, circulates and modifies. Throughout the process, we created mock-ups to evaluate the design aesthetics and ergonomics.

Human Factors…

Our team studies the HUMAN INTERACTION and ERGONOMICS within a product. Every product that engages people needs to address the FIT and FEEL with the user. The size, shape and comfort are crucial to prevent fatigue and discomfort for end users. It is crucial to understanding the physical dimensions of people to employ proper ergonomics.


Our team provides two forms of product validation to MINIMIZE RISK which in turn MAXIMIZE PROFITS for our clients. Our development team creates a hands-on USABILITY protocol to test products in the hands of users. Using focus groups to get immediate feedback on the products – function, ergonomics, aesthetics, cost, etc. Additionally, our digital marketing team develops an ONLINE VALIDATION working with companies to understand interest on these new products prior to release. This service enables you to save TIME, ENERGY, and BUDGET in your development process. This service can build pre-release buzz, generate tangible marketing assets for your company, and most importantly validate your product’s existence in the marketplace.


Following continued FEEDBACK from our internal team, our clients and most importantly the USERS in the validation process, our team continues to refine and perfect the design into the amazing product heading to market.


Color, Finish Material is the selection of the aesthetic visual elements of the product. Our team creates current TREND ANALYSIS to understand past, present and future CFM trends across many industries and in different countries. The selection of COLORS, MATERIALS and FINISHES evokes different emotional responses on different products.


Design for Manufacturing is the process of designing/engineering products to OPTIMIZE the manufacturing process and assembly. The part design and selection of proper manufacturing processes aids in COST REDUCTION of each product component and reduction in assembly time. As a process DFM is the key time to evaluate all aspects and make adjustment – this phase of development is the least expensive time to make changes. We work directly with manufacturing partners to ensure quality results.

…and ends with the product.


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