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Industrial Design plays the central role in product planning, conceptual design, detailed design development melding human interaction with the device, as well as the catalyst for interface with engineering, model and prototype fabrication through to final production consultation.

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User Centered Design Research

Product Design and Develpment


Digital Product Validation


Design for  Manufacturing

User-Centered Design Research utilizes expertise from diverse fields such as ETHNOGRAPHY, strategic product planning, marketing, psychology and HUMAN FACTORS engineering.

Our research identifies latent NEEDS, present and future TRENDS, attempts to uncover INSIGHTS, understand behavior, analyze the competition, gather pertinent ergonomic data, conduct USABILITY protocols to test and VALIDATE concepts, as well as develop safety guidelines and perform patent searches.

Our design research aims to focus the program’s’ objectives and reveal OPPORTUNITIES for INNOVATION, increasing a product’s functionality, aesthetic and potential market value.

Product design is the MULTI-DISCIPLINARY profession that integrates FUNCTION, AESTHETICS, engineering, human factors, MARKETING and economies of production.

Industrial design includes the creation of digital USER-INTERACTION and product graphics that are communicative, easy to navigate and consistent with the product’s image within its intended market and the client’s brand.

WELL-DESIGNED and engineered products can mean the difference between SUCCESS and failure.

Successful product/system design is based upon a thorough understanding of HUMAN NEEDS, market trends, breakthrough TECHNOLOGY, SUSTAINABILITY and controlled manufacturing costs.The goal of managing this process is to maximize profits and MINIMIZE RISK.

Our team uses multiple resources to aid in the VALIDATION of product for our clients prior to release. Both our in-person and digital validation processes help to ensure success.

Our team develops USABILITY protocols to get products into the HANDS of end users for validating FUNCTION, AESTHETICS, ERGONOMICS and COST/VALUE.

Our digital marketing team works with clients to validate future product ideas online.

These services enable companies to save TIME, ENERGY and BUDGET in your development process.

Additionally, digital product validation can build pre-release BUZZ, generate tangible marketing assets for your company, and most importantly validate your product’s existence in the marketplace.

Design and engineering are intimately involved in the ground up development of products from concept generation, through ‘proof of concept,’ to technical documentation to feasibility. The culmination of all of this ends with the DESIGN FOR MANUFACTURING.

Solid industrial design pre-engineering conceives and analyzes mechanical concepts, MANUFACTURING methods, ASSEMBLY techniques, TOOLING and MATERIAL applications.

Utilizing CAD, our team will prepare detailed DOCUMENTATION ready for final production engineering. From a foundation built upon solid design research and innovative industrial design, design engineering offers value-added piece-part design and cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

Our MANUFACTURING EXPERTISE ensures that the cumbersome process of manufacturing and bringing products to market has the highest level of PRECISION and EXCELLENCE behind it.



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